F.C. Golden State Soccer Club Registration
Welcome to FC Golden State


Please review the Parent handbook for complete information on the club and our structure: included are player and parent guidelines as well as responsibilities, as an accepted member of FC Golden State.

This year we are proud to announce our partnership with Demposphere, who is a leader in the sports industry. To make things easier, registration will be online. All players must submit a completed registration packet including financial forms before your registration will be accepted.

Please read through the following before entering the online process. The link provided at the end will take you in to the Demosphere site to complete your registration, accept terms and make your initial payment.

Payment: You may pay your club fees in full with a credit card or choose a financing option. If you choose an installment plan your recurring payment will be the same day each month. There is a finance charge from the third party. Choosing this option will also mean you need to complete a promissory note and hand it in.

Payment for Club Fees: The minimum payment ($350) must be made online during checkout.
Club membership dues are non-refundable. They cover club season thru to the next registration
Players are required to be paid in full, to participate in league play. The last payment must be received before August 31, 2017

(You can upload these in Demosphere or turn in to your coach)

Cal South Medical Release Form: we will provide a copy to download below.
Parent Handbook and Acknowledgement: The parent handbook explains our club policies and structure. It covers fees, financing options, chain of command and a section reviewing code of conduct. Page 7 is a signature page which must be signed and turned in. The original will be held by club admin and a copy will be given to the coach.  A Quick Reference version will be presented online, which you will also need to acknowledge.
Birth Certificate (New Players): You will need to provide the player’s original birth certificate or certified copy of the birth certificate to the coach our club registrar. The original will then be returned to you. Under NO circumstances will a hospital birth record be accepted. Per CYSA regulations this constitutes an ineligible player violation, and all games this player participates in are subject to forfeit.


Promissory Note: A promissory note must be completed for Pure Sports, our controller, who has a contract with Demosphere. If dues are not paid in full during registration. The amount of the promissory note should be the amount of the balance after check out. 
Photograph: A picture of each player in JPEG format, is required for membership ID cards. Please include the player’s name and date of birth. Send this file to your team manager or have them take your photo at practice if you do not have a computer/smartphone. You can also provide a headshot passport size photo.

The items listed below must be completed for each player and if noted, delivered to your coach or club Registrar

  1. Complete the online registration process
  2. One copy of the CALSOUTH Registration Form
  3. Birth Certificate: Original birth certificate and one copy if the player is new.
  4. Photograph: Headshot photo of the player must be provided (JPEG format preferred)
  5. Payment: At least the minimum amount due ($350.) No player can be registered without this initial payment.
  6. Promissory Note: This must be completed if you are not paying club fees in full.
  7. Code of Conduct: Read the document, sign page 7 and turn in to your coach or club Registrar.

Download the following forms and sign

  1. Cal South
  2. Parent Handbook


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